Martin Loffelholz; David Weaver. „Global Journalism Research: Theories, Methods, Findings, Future“

"Global Journalism Research" offers a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches for studying journalists and journalism around the world at a time when economic, political, and cultural forces are changing journalism dramatically.


Michael Bailey. Narrating Media History

Based on the work of media historian, James Curran, "Narrating Media History" explores British media history as a series of competing narratives. This unique and timely collection brings together leading international media history scholars, not only to identify and contrast the various interrelationships between media histories, but also to encourage dialogue between different historical, political, and theoretical perspectives.


Nancy Flynn. The E-Policy Handbook: Rules and Best Practice to Safely Manage Your Company's E-mail, Blogs, Social Networking, and Other Internet Communication Tools

Trillions of e-mails travel each year through corporate networks and they re not all work-related. But for organizations wishing to protect themselves from liability, e-mail is no longer the only danger—they now have to contend with blogs, social networking sites, and other new technologies.


Nick Couldry, Anna McCarthy. MediaSpace: Place, Scale and Culture in a Media Age

Media Space explores the importance of ideas of space and place to understanding the ways in which we experience the media in our everyday lives.


Nicky Stanton. Mastering Communication

This book will help students improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Niranjala Weerakkody. Research Methods for Media and Communication

Research Methods for Media and Communications provides a user friendly and comprehensive introduction to media and communications research.



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