The teaching aid “Metalanguage in Useâ€? is meant for senior (fourth/third-year) students who analyse a diversity of linguistic material and have some difficulty in applying relevant diction- metalanguage- to different linguistic spheres.

The book comprises three main styles of English: fiction, newspaper, and essay. Fiction takes up the major part on account of its being the basis for text interpretation, literary text analysis, and critical approach to English literature. For this reason, the reader will find metalanguage pertinent to a critical review of a work of fiction (novel, short story, and play) and an opponent’s angle, specific elements of drama, the ways and means of character drawing in fiction, and some information about English poetry based on rhetoric. A glossary of metalanguage in fiction as well as the main and recommended literature lists for fourth-year students are included. In addition, the learner of English will get an idea of how to comment on the outlay of an English newspaper, how to interpret a newspaper article, and how to analyse and/or prepare for writing an essay using appropriate metalanguage. The book is based on a great number of original sources and the author’s long years of teaching experience.

ISBN: 978-9955-20-185-4

Metai: 2007 m.

Puslapių skaičius: 44 psl.

Kalba: anglų k.

Įrišimas: minkšti viršeliai

Leidykla: Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla


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